What is a solicitor in UK ?

A solicitor is a type of practicing lawyer who handles primarily office work. The UK has two types of practicing lawyers: solicitors and barristers. Solicitors generally handle office work, whereas barristers plead cases in court. Barristers depend on solicitors to provide them with trial work because they are not allowed to accept work on their own.

French avocat, compared to his UK counterpart (i.e. solicitor), meets clients, gives legal advice, drafts letters and contracts and prepares the client’s case for trial, but is also allowed to appear before a judge. If you want to start legal proceedings, or if you are accused of something and need to defend yourself, you may, or in certain cases must, take on an avocat.

The French notaire is a sworn public official and a freelance professional at the same time.
He is subject to strict rules and rigorous controls and is both legally and financially liable for the deed he drafts.